Burzek Canada What is Burzek?

What is Burzek?

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What does Burzek contain?

Burzek contains curcumin, bentonite clay, rock salt, sodium bicarbonate and water . It has completely natural ingredients. It does not contain additives and preservatives .

What does a burzek do?

It purifies the body from heavy metals, toxic (poisonous) substances, microbes, fungi and malignant cells, activates cell-level repair mechanisms in the body in general, strengthens immunity and increases performance.

How is it different from curcumin supplements/capsules?

The intestinal absorption of curcumin in curcumin capsules is very low. Curcumin; It can interact with some drugs, reduce iron absorption, be affected by enzymes in the blood, and very little reaches target tissues. Since the curcumin in burzek is carried in the nanocarrier obtained from bentonite clay, its absorption from the intestine is very good and the risk of curcumin-related problems is very low. 

How is it different from turmeric powder/extracts?

Curcumin gives the real benefit in turmeric. The amount of curcumin that passes into the blood after using 1 scoop of Burzek can be obtained only by the consumption of 300 gr of turmeric powder, which is not possible. In addition, since there are hundreds of biomolecules other than curcumin in turmeric, consumption of this amount of turmeric powder can cause many health problems.

Are there any drugs or foods that it interacts with?

Since the curcumin biomolecule in its content is carried in a natural nanocarrier obtained from bentonite clay; the risk of interaction with drugs, other molecules, foods and enzymes in the blood is very low.

Does Burzek have any side effects?

Burzek is a natural food form that does not contain any preservatives and can be consumed daily. There have been no serious side effects feedback from users so far.

In studies on bentonite clay in the content of burzek, no toxic effect of bentonite clay was observed even at high doses. The World Health Organization (WHO), affiliated to the United Nations, states that it has no side effects in its report on bentonite clay In addition, the US Food and Drug Organization (FDA) Bentonite n “as generally safe” ie, ” stated generally recognized as safe” is. 

At the same time, Bentonite is included in the list of food additives prepared by the Codex Alimentarius Committee , as acid base providers, in the E 500-578 class and is defined with the E 558 code. In the description of this code, there is an explanation as “no known side effects ” in the side effects section .

In clinical studies, it has been determined that curcumin is safe and effective and does not have any toxic effects. The FDA has confirmed curcumin as a compound considered “Generally safe” (GRAS statement from FDA, 2018).

Who can use how?

Burzek has been produced in the form of a food supplement suitable for months and years of use.

After 6 weeks of use of 1 measure of Burzek, it can be used for a long time without interrupting the use, at a dose of 1 measure (50 ml) or half a measure (25 ml) per day to protect general health. 

Those who want to use it intermittently can use it in 6-week cycles.

  • A break of 12 weeks can be taken after a course.
  • The use of a course of Burzek ensures that the immune system remains strong for at least 12 weeks.
  • For those who do not have health problems, the use of 2 or 3 courses of Burzek in a year is sufficient for the purification and repair of the body.

When Burzek is used in a dose of 250 ml at a time, on the morning of the days that require extreme performance (at least 1 hour before long important meetings, sports activities, performing arts, conferences, etc.) or on the morning of a sleepless night, mental and physical performance will be much higher than expected.  

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before use.

What are the conditions that limit the use of high-dose Burzek?

Burzek increases the force of contraction of the muscles in the wall of the gallbladder. It melts the stones in the gallbladder, making it smaller and allowing it to be poured into the intestine spontaneously. It would be more appropriate for those who have stones in their gallbladder to use Burzek at a dose of 1 scale (50 ml) or half a scale (25 ml) until the stones dissolve and get smaller. The use of Burzek in high doses can cause stones to block the bile duct.

What are the storage conditions and what is the shelf life?

  • It is affected by heat and sunlight.
  • The ideal storage temperature is between +4 and +18 degrees.
  • It can deteriorate at temperatures above 30 degrees. Closed Burzek bottles will last for six months at room temperature (24 degrees), but are safer to store in the refrigerator door.
  • The opened/in use Burzek bottle can be stored at room temperature (on the kitchen counter, etc.) until the bottle is finished.